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Jorge Carrera Andrade

Lectures and Readings

in America

March 15, 1968, New York City

New York City 1968

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September 11, 1969, Cambridge, MA

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April 13 – 15, 1970, Washington, DC

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Organized by William Jay Smith, the Library’s Poetry Consultant, The International Poetry Festival at the Library of Congress (April 13 – 15, 1970), includes poets from eight countries. Participants include Yehuda Amichai (Israel), Jorge Carrera Andrade (Ecuador), Nicanor Parra (Chile), Francis Philippe Thoby-Marcelin (Haiti), Vasko Popa (Yugoslavia), Zulfikar Ghose (Pakistan) and Shuntaro Tanikawa (Japan). John Malcolm Brinnin and Miller Williams will read English translations for the audience. Louis Untermeyer, poet, critic, and anthologist will chair a discussion on issues related to translations of the various poets.

Library of Congress

James Madison Building

101 Independence Avenue Washington, DC

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March 14, 1971, Poughkeepsie, NY

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Posthumous Jorge Carrera Andrade Literary Events

Quito, Ecuador

September 15, 2007, Quito, Ecuador

Microgramas - Quito

September 15, 2003: Celebration of the publication of Microgramas by Jorge Carrera Andrade, translated from the Spanish by Steven Ford Brown with Preface by J Enrique Ojeda, at Libreria Rayuela in Quito, Ecuador with an introduction by Alejandro Querejeta. Sponsored by Orogenia Corporacion Cultural (Quito, Ecuador). An exclusive Spanish/ English book edition distributed only within the borders of Latin America.

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United States

September 26, 2003, Washington, DC

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November 1, 2005, New York City

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April 30, 2005, Stony Brook, Long Island


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