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Established 2011


This is but one of two websites currently dedicated to the life and work of contemporary world poets produced by The Lion Publishing Group: Jorge Carrera Andrade (Ecuador) and Tomas Tranströmer (Sweden).

Addresses for the two websites:

Jorge Carrera Andrade: https://jorgecarreraandrade.net

Tomas Tranströmer: https://tomastranstromer.us

This  is the official website of the Ecuadorian poet Jorge Carrera Andrade. All rights to personal photographs and the poetry of Jorge Carrera Andrade remain subject to copyright by The Estate Of Jorge Carrera Andrade. Copyright © 2020.

Criticism, essays, interviews and other material are subject to copyrights and all rights remain with the respective authors.

This website is a product of The Lion Publishing Group. Copyright © 2020 by The Lion Publishing Group.

Publishing Staff

Steven Ford Brown (Boston, Massachusetts, United States), Senior Editor & Publisher

Peter Last (London, United Kingdom), Managing Editor

Laura Mchadi (Los Angeles, UNited States), Director of Research

Tom Jönsthövel (Amsterdam, Netherlands/Oxford, U.K.), Global Media Consultant



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