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Established 2011


This is but one of two websites currently dedicated to the life and work of contemporary world poets produced by The Lion Publishing Group: Jorge Carrera Andrade (Ecuador) and Tomas Tranströmer (Sweden).

Addresses for the two websites:

Jorge Carrera Andrade: https://jorgecarreraandrade.net

Tomas Tranströmer: https://tomastranstromer.us


This  is the official website of the Ecuadorian poet Jorge Carrera Andrade. All rights to personal photographs and the poetry of Jorge Carrera Andrade remain subject to copyright. Copyright © 2020.

Criticism, essays, interviews and other material are subject to copyrights and all rights remain with the respective authors.

This website is a product of The Lion Publishing Group. Copyright © 2020 by The Lion Publishing Group.

Publishing Staff

Steven Ford Brown (Boston, Massachusetts, United States), Senior Editor & Publisher

Peter Last (London, United Kingdom), Managing Editor

Stefano Maffina (Brescia, Italy), Director of Special Projects

Pere Juan Arbó (Barcelona, Spain), Director of Research

Tom Jönsthövel (Amsterdam, Netherlands/Oxford, U.K.), Global Media Consultant